Gastric Sleeve Surgery: What is it?

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in brief

Gastric sleeve surgery is a fairly common weight loss surgery procedure performed by our surgeons at Advance Surgical. Weight loss surgery can be extremely beneficial if you have a Body Mass Index or BMI over 35.

If you were considering obesity surgery, our team of dietitians and our clinical psychologist, as well as our surgeons, are available to help you achieve weight loss.
gastric sleeve surgery
gastric sleeve surgery

A Common Bariatric Operation

Gastric Sleeve Surgery or a Sleeve Gastrectomy is currently the most common bariatric procedure. In a recent patient study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, it was shown that bariatric surgery reduces the long-term risk of heart failure by more than half.

Gastric sleeve surgery is quite predictable, and usually relatively straightforward. This, combined with the life-changing outcomes patients often experience because of their new reduced BMI , changes in body appearance,and reduction in co-morbidities makes it a popular procedure.

Am I a candidate for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

If you are suffering from obesity, diabetes or hypertension, fertility problems or sleep apnoea, then you may be a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery. At Advance Surgical we look at your BMI and if you are obese (BMI>35) we can discuss the available surgery options as well as your expectations. Most patients are extremely satisfied after sleeve gastrectomy and would expect to have a reduction in diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea and hopefully an improvement in their joint symptoms.
Gastric sleeve surgery is usually performed as keyhole surgery and you will have to remain in hospital for about three days. Patients usually recover within 2 weeks and return to good quality eating after about 8 weeks. Over a year’s time, patients usually lose about 70% of their excess weight.There is a small risk (about 1%) of leaks in the stomach and this could require prolonged hospitalisation. There is also a risk of weight regain to take into account.
gastric sleeve surgery