Sleeve gastrectomy using olympus thunderbeat

How a sleeve gastrectomy is done using Olympus Thunderbeat

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Olympus Thunderbeat has developed one of the most up-to-date instruments in Bariatric Surgery using ultrasonic and bipolar technology. Mr Jon Armstrong shows us the use of the Olympus Thunderbeat handpiece in a Sleeve Gastrectomy video.

Some of the reasons for using the handpiece are the updated ultrasonic and bipolar technology curved tip for easier guiding finer dissection and faster burn time than previous technology. The video shows us step by step, how a sleeve gastrectomy is performed including the number of port incisions, Bougie size and many other questions you might have asked about how the surgeon navigates his way around via laparoscopic surgery. Watch the video but only if you don’t mind seeing what is inside you!

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In this video, Perth based Bariatric Surgeon Mr. Jon Armstrong shows us the use of the Olympus Thunderbeat handpiece in a Sleeve Gastrectomy.

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