Meal plans after obesity surgery

Meal plans after obesity surgery

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What to eat after weight loss surgery?

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Meal plans after obesity surgery

Simple meal plans after obesity surgery

When asked about meal plans, our weight loss surgeons work closely together with our dietitians at Advance Surgical Perth. Our team of experienced dietitians will provide clear and practical information about the dietary requirements after weight loss surgery. Post surgery recovery can vary a lot between individuals and this includes the timing of tolerance of solid foods, various textures and volumes.
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Meal plans after obesity surgery
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Meal plans after obesity surgery

Separating liquids and solids after obesity surgery

In Hospital and Week 1

While in hospital most people will progress from clear fluids such as water, broth and apple juice to thin, nourishing ‘high protein’ fluids such as high protein shakes, soups and juices.Thin fluids are fluids that are thin enough to go through a straw – like milk.This nourishing thin fluid diet will continue when home and up to the remainder of the first week post surgery.

While on a fluid diet, the focus should be on drinking sips frequently to prevent dehydration and get as much nutrition in as possible. Fluids should be fortified with protein powder as directed by the dietitian. They may also recommend additional nutrients such as a chewable multivitamin or dietary fibre supplements.

Week 2-3: Pureed foods ( Thick Fluids) & Protein shakes

In the second week post surgery, fluids may become thicker, like thicker soups, yoghurt and pureed fruit.

Most people will start the progression onto solid foods. This will start with very soft, mushy foods and be built up to firmer textures as tolerated and as directed in the individualised dietary guidelines. During this time of ‘transition’ to eating solid foods, volumes will be very small, so it is necessary to eat 5-6 times a day.

Meal plans after obesity surgery

Focus on good nutrition

Food choices should be high in quality proteins but also include a variety of foods from other healthy food groups such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains. In between meals the focus should be on drinking a range of fluids to help with hydration. Alcohol and carbonated drinks are not recommended for at least 6 weeks post surgery and caffeine intake should be kept to a minimum during this time as well.

Meal plans after obesity surgery

Change in eating habits

As the stomach is very small, it is not possible to drink and eat at the same time. It is recommended that people stop drinking about 30 minutes before meals and wait 30 minutes after meals before they start drinking fluids.

Your diet will always focus on protein, vegetables and a limited amount of grains, whilst avoiding refined sugars. It’s recommended to introduce one new solid food at a time. This is important so you can monitor how your body reacts and liaise with our dietitian if you encounter any discomfort. Other tips include:

  • Eat slowly
  • Chew well
  • Separate your food and water intake by at least half an hour
  • Follow your dietitian’s guidelines in regards to vitamins and supplements

The dietitians at Advance Surgical will ensure the advice provided is tailored to individual needs. It is very important to see the dietitian regularly so that dietary advice can be adjusted as milestones are met and individual requirements change. Working with the dietitian to develop healthy eating habits is very important in helping to ensure long term weight loss success

At Advance Surgical, the team is with you throughout your obesity surgery journey. So if you have any questions about what to eat after weight loss surgery, please contact us via the web form or call the practice.

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