weight loss surgery results

Weight Loss Surgery Results

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How much weight will I lose with Bariatric Surgery?

weight loss surgery results

So what are the Results after Weight Loss Surgery?

Patients here at Advance Surgical Perth often ask us what to expect in terms of postoperative weight loss. If you are considering weight loss surgery it is important to look at the long-term results. Most patients will lose somewhere between 60 and 80% of their excess weight. That means most patients will not get to their ideal weight. It is usually great weight loss though!

Other things are just as important though. About 70% of diabetic patients will be in remission (i.e off their diabetic meds). 60% of patients would either be off their hypertension medications or on a lesser dose. Sleep apnoea improves in 90% of patients. Joint loading and arthritis usually improves symptomatically. Patients who stick to a healthy lifestyle and diet should keep enjoying success, keeping the weight off.

Research (not just at our Perth practice but also internationally) shows that patients who had a gastric bypass are very likely to keep off diabetes medications.

Compared to people who didn’t get weight-loss surgery, patients who had gastric bypass were more than 17 times more likely to discontinue diabetes medications by the end of the study.

Combined Shape
weight loss surgery results
Combined Shape

weight loss surgery results

How much Weight will I lose with Bariatric Surgery?

With a sleeve gastrectomy surgery or a gastric sleeve procedure, you may expect to lose a lot of weight.

After two years (in the case of a gastric bypass surgery), you may feel that you plateau. This is when it is particularly important to avoid slipping back into old habits and to maintain a healthy diet.

So how do you get good weight loss surgery results? First of all, verify the credibility and the qualifications of your chosen weight loss surgeon. Inform yourself about what to expect after weight loss surgery: you will be asked to change your diet and lifestyle, and the better you are prepared for these changes, the higher your chances of success.

weight loss surgery results

Possible side-effects of Weight Loss Surgery

It’s good to be well informed about general weight loss surgery results. It’s also wise to be well informed about the inconveniences you may experience as a bariatric patient. Possible symptoms and side-effects after your gastric sleeve or gastric bypass procedure are:

  • A craving for sweet foods
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • A tendency to dehydration and constipation early on
  • Dumping syndrome
  • Loose skin

weight loss surgery results

What are the Pitfalls of Weight Loss Surgery?

The pitfalls of weight loss surgery can appear over time, in the months and years after you had your surgery. At the start you may feel totally motivated to implement your new habits and lifestyle, but you might slack off after a while. Drop the amount of exercise you plan, start snacking in between meals, or serve yourself bigger portions. This is when there is always a risk of undoing your weight loss surgery results by going back to old habits.

At Advance Surgical Perth, we will help you to set up a solid support system when you prepare for weight loss surgery. First, by making sure you are well informed about the potential results, what to expect, the typical weight loss surgery results we see in other patients, and the lifestyle changes and diet restrictions that come with obesity surgery. Then, we will also help you lock in those good habits for yourself, and to build a support network of friends, family and qualified dietitians so you can benefit from long term results and keep the excess weight off. If you have any questions, please contact Advance Surgical in Perth.

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