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The cost of bariatric surgery

We understand the cost of bariatric surgery may be an issue. We have changed our pricing to be more affordable. The following is a guideline to your bariatric surgery costs and procedures.

Cost of bariatric surgery: Fees Advance surgical Perth

What is the cost of bariatric surgery?

For many people who were suffering from morbid obesity, weight loss surgery has shown to increase their quality of life. Those people would tell you that the long-term health benefits balanced out the expenses, and that they couldn’t put a price on the improved quality of life they enjoyed now.

When you have made your decision to achieve your weight loss goals, your options to finance the treatment will depend on your personal situation.

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In this video, Perth based Bariatric Surgeon Mr. Jon Armstrong talks about the cost of bariatric surgery.

Private health insurance

This is often the more favourable situation since most of the expenses are paid by the fund.

Medicare Rebates also available for Bariatric Item numbers 31575 (Sleeve) and 31572 (Bypass).

The Health Fund will cover:

  • Most of the hospital expenses (theatre costs/bed per night)
  • Surgeon’s fee: there will be an out of pocket cost as per quote from Dr Jon Armstrong
  • Anaesthetic fees: there will be some out of pocket fees to be confirmed by anaesthetist.
  • Dietitian appointments: if you have an ‘Extras cover’ with the Health Fund.

You may wish to take out private health insurance. There will be a 12 month waiting period before the funds will cover weight loss surgery. Health insurance waiting periods exist as this helps keeps premiums low. It prevents customers from joining the funds and claiming for weight loss services immediately.

No private health insurance (uninsured)

A majority of our patients are having the procedure without health insurance as the costs of Insurance have gone up so dramatically over the years. This may not be an option for everyone as total costs cannot be guaranteed prior to the treatment journey.

Before starting your treatment journey, we recommend to inspect and plan for the financial side of the process to avoid unnecessary stress or disappointment.

If you have weight loss surgery without insurance, you will need to pay for:

  • Surgeons Fee – Medicare will cover some of this expense.
  • Hospital expenses – Theatre costs/bed costs/all equipment costs and extras such as pathology/radiology/pharmacy expenses.
  • Anaesthetic fees – Medicare will cover some of this expense.
  • Dietitian appointments – no rebates.

Even without insurance – Medicare Rebates are available for Bariatric Item numbers 31575 (Sleeve) and 31572 (Bypass).

Early access to superannuation for compassionate medical reasons

Whether you are insured/uninsured – some of you will find that early access to superannuation will assist with some/all of the medical expenses associated with weight loss surgery. Please discuss this option with your super fund/financial advisor to see if appropriate for you. Mr Jon Armstrong will assist with paperwork required for the application if needed.

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The cost of

Zipmoney logo

Advance Surgical are registered with zip. This means that you are now able to apply with them for a loan for your procedure and pay it off over a period of 6 months – Payments as low as $900/month. Read more about the zipMoney Payment Plan at Advance Surgical. Phone Enquiries – Call us at Advance Surgical on 9386 2634.

Supercare logo

Mr Jon Armstrong is registered with SuperCare. SuperCare can facilitate your application for funding obesity/bariatric surgery procedures including gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass surgery. The total uninsured amount or out of pocket fees can be accessed via early release of superannuation for medical purposes. Enquire about using Supercare by calling us at Advance Surgical on 9386 2634.

Advance surgical consultations

Medicare item no
Rebate (approx)
Initial Weight Loss Consultation
Initial General Consultation
Follow-up Bariatric Surgeon
Follow-up Bariatric Physician
Dietitian Appointment
Initial Visit
Follow Up
Confirm with Psych
Sleeve Gastrectomy Insured
$1,200 (Fund+Medicare)
Sleeve Gastrectomy Uninsured
$22,000 approx
Gastric Bypass
Early Release Superannuation
Insured approx $7,000 access
Uninsured Approx $22,000 access
Covers total surgical fee – rebates can be claimed from these amounts

Skype Consultations

Mr Jon Armstrong provides an effective and convenient service to patients by offering SKYPE and TeleHealth as an initial appointment.

Skype appointments are available for patients who live or work in Regional areas and are looking to discuss the suitability of weight loss surgery, without the need to fly into Perth.

Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS) may also be possible dependant on your circumstances.

Regular follow ups have proven to increase the success of weight loss surgery, and having access to SKYPE appointments will assist you in achieving/maintaining weight loss goals.

At Advance Surgical, Mr Jon Armstrong and the team help people who want to lose weight through bariatric surgery, suffer from an endocrine disorder or need general surgery.

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When we established Advance Surgical our motivation was to help those who find that diet and exercise are simply not working for them.

The cost of bariatric surgery

We understand the cost of bariatric surgery may be an issue. We have changed our pricing to be more affordable. Payment plans available.

Team of specialists

Mr Jon Armstrong, Medical Director and Founder alongside the team at Advance Surgical, have helped thousands of people in Perth.

Payment plan

Advance Surgical are registered with zipMoney. This means that you are now able to apply with them for a loan for your (bariatric) procedure and pay it off over a period of 6 months. This takes the stress out of upfront payments whilst starting your journey on a healthier you.
Learn more about zipMoney Health HERE