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Nutrition and Recipes

Our Dietitians are always on hand to give you advice, and they have some suitable meals for patients post sleeve gastrectomy. These will help patients maintain the correct nutrition necessary and will be portions suitable for post sleeve gastrectomy patients.

Weight loss surgeon Perth - Bariatric surgeon Perth: Weight Loss Nutrition

Weight Loss Surgery Nutrition Perth

Weight loss surgeon Perth

Meal Ideas

1 cup high fibre cereal/porridge + 1 cup milk/yoghurt
1 wholemeal English muffin + avocado + tomato + pepper
Scrambled/poached egg + 1/2 slice of whole grain toast
Ricotta + honey + grilled figs on toast
Baked beans + fried mushrooms + fried tomato

Salad + small tin of tuna/4 bean mix + feta + balsamic vinegar
2 corn thins with cottage cheese + 1 cup vegetable sticks
Baked baby potato + cup baked beans/mince + coleslaw
Chicken/feta and salad wrap + sweet chilli sauce
Turkey breast + cranberry sauce + cream cheese + toast

Chicken/ Lentil + potato curry + cup steamed vegetables
Beef stroganoff + baby carrots and green beans + mashed potato
Grilled fish + 1 cup salad
Tuna + 1 cup salsa (tomato, onion, fresh herbs) + cup pasta
Frittata (mushrooms + onion + spinach + tomato + potato)


A banana/ frozen berries + cup of yoghurt
Small tin of flavoured tuna + grainy crackers
Handful of dry roasted almonds + dried apricot/sultanas
Grainy crackers + hummus/avocado
Apple slices/ fresh madjool dates + peanut butter
1 corn thin + cream cheese + smoked salmon/ham
5 carrot and cucumber sticks + homemade tzatziki/guacamole dip

Call us to make appointment 9386 2634

Call us to make appointment 9386 2634

Our expert team of Dietitians – are available for all advice on

Portion Sizes
Meal Plans
Eating Allowances for Special Occasions – (Wedding/Birthday/Special Family Gatherings)

Call the clinic on 9386 2634 to make an appointment with one of our dietitians. They are also available for Phone consultations and consults via email correspondence.

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