SIPS Surgery

Duodenal Switch Operation/Stomach Intestine Sparing Surgery (SIPS)/SADI-S

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SIPS Surgery explained

In the duodenal switch operation a sleeve gastrectomy is done and the small intestine re-routed to produce malabsorption to effect weight loss. It produces very good control of diabetes (>95%) and other obesity related diseases as well as very good weight loss.

The SIPS surgery is like the mini-gastric bypass version of the duodenal switch. It is done with one anastomosis. This procedure is relatively new with not much long term data however is suitable for a certain select group of patients.

SIPS Surgery

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SIPS Surgery
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Advantages SIPS Surgery

  • Excess weight loss of >80 to 90%
  • High diabetes remission rate
  • Low incidence of dumping syndrome
  • Minimal risk of ulceration at the new joint (anastomosis)

Disadvantages SIPS Surgery

  • Increased malabsorption
  • Increased requirement of vitamin supplements
  • Needs close long term follow up
  • 2 to 5% chance of needing revisional surgery for malabsorption
  • Internal hernia and bowel obstruction risk 2-4%
  • Fat malabsorption can result in frequent loose stools, abdominal cramping, and foul-smelling flatulence

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