Sleep Apnoea and Obesity

Sleep apnoea and Obesity often go together. Sleep apnoea occurs when a person stops and starts breathing when asleep. It is most often due to loose tissue in the throat or mouth blocking the airway. You should be aware that there is a less common form of sleep apnoea where the brain does not send the proper signals to maintain breathing. Very often there is a strong connection between sleep apnoea and obesity and it can be one of the reasons for considering obesity surgery.

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How serious are sleep apnoea and obesity problems?

More than 1 million adults in Australia probably have significant sleep apnoea. It is primarily caused by the throat muscles relaxing and the walls of the throat collapsing over the airway. Obesity causes a build up of fat in the neck area which causes or worsens sleep apoea.Obesity is the commonest cause of sleep apnoea. Symptoms include:

  • Loud snoring or stopping breathing
  • Snorting or choking sounds
  • Drowsiness during the day
  • Difficulty concentrating when awake

Sleep apnoea and obesity

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Sleep apnoea and obesity

Sleep Apnoea and Obesity Surgery data

Studies have shown that bariatric surgery is effective in improving sleep, by reducing the width of the excessive tissue in the neck and torso. Weight loss also helps heart and lung function further improving a person’s deep sleep.

Poor sleep from is a measurable contributor to depression, stroke, arterial disease, and even motor vehicle accidents.

Research on Sleep Apnoea and Obesity Surgery

Data in medical literature shows patients usually notice rapid improvement in their sleep apnoea symptoms after obesity or bariatric surgery. Even a modest weight loss of 10-20% has been shown to reduce sleep apnoea scores. Remember though that not all causes of sleep apnoea are related to obesity. Sometimes patients will notice a marked improvement clinically but will still need to use their CPAP machines. Often we will organise sleep studies for high risk patients both pre and post surgery.

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