Gastric Banding and why it’s Old School

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A weight loss surgery option that is on the decline.

Only 5% of all Bariatric Procedures now are Gastric Banding

Gastric banding is an obesity surgery procedure on the decline. In the last decade the rate of gastric banding as a primary weight loss procedure has dropped from 70 to 5%. It’s fair to say that the alternative surgery types have taken over: gastric sleeve (or sleeve gastrectomy) and gastric bypass procedures. So why is that? It’s a typical phenomenon in modern medicine. As research progresses, procedures gain influence and the trend has been one in favour of the newer surgery types.

gastric banding
gastric banding

Why is it that Gastric Banding is less popular?

Both gastric banding and gastric sleeve procedures involve a modification of your stomach, so in the end its capacity to hold food is reduced. But both procedures use a different approach. With gastric banding a pouch is formed when the band is wrapped around the stomach. The band is adjusted and there is no cutting or stapling involved. With a gastric sleeve,  the procedure is more invasive and does involve cutting and stapling.

But the main reason why a vast majority of our Perth patients choose a sleeve gastrectomy over a gastric banding surgery, is connected to the superior outcomes achieved with a sleeve gastrectomy. Gastric band procedures, although safe to perform have been prone to a number of problems. Poor quality eating, vomiting, blockages and need for multiple adjustments have been issues. By 10 years ,in some studies, 80% of bands have either been removed or repositioned.In the subsequent years after sleeve or bypass weight loss results are also more substantial compared to the weight loss achieved with a gastric band.

I had a Gastric Band Surgery a while ago. What now?

If you have had a gastric banding procedure in the past,  it’s safe to say that the choice was then made on the available research data and on your surgeon’s recommendation. The progression of bariatric surgery in general, and the experience with many patients who have had a sleeve gastrectomy, now allows our team of surgeons to offer you an alternative. Removing a gastric band, and performing a sleeve gastrectomy, is also one of the common procedures at Advance Surgical Perth. 

gastric banding

Our surgeons, Dr Jon Armstrong, and Mr Siva Gounder, will be happy to assess your situation and to explore the best possible treatment option for you.

What to expect with Weight Loss Surgery?

Before you plan your weight loss journey, it is recommended to check some of the other articles on our website. We have an extensive list of pages and posts to give you a full understanding of the various surgery types, how they work, and how to prepare for some dietary and lifestyle changes after your surgery.

At Advance Surgical Perth, we work as a team of experienced bariatric surgeons, dietitians and a clinical psychologist. Our aim is to support you throughout your weight loss journey, and we have helped hundreds of Perth patients make a new start, without the burden of obesity and the associated comorbidities (such as sleep apnea, hypertension or depression). So if you want to discuss your weight loss procedure with our team, please call the clinic today to book an appointment.