nutrition after sleeve gastrectomy

The importance of nutrition after sleeve gastrectomy

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Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is very effective for weight loss but for it to be successful long term, patients need to work with a dietician to get good advice on portions, nutrition, and exercise.

nutrition after sleeve gastrectomy

Getting your stomach used to smaller meals after gastric sleeve surgery

If you have been battling obesity, you may well have been advised to have weight-loss surgery. And while bariatric surgery can significantly improve – and even extend – your life, nutrition after a sleeve gastrectomy is as important as the surgery itself. A sleeve gastrectomy works by removing between 60% and 80% of your stomach.

Needless to say, your much smaller stomach now also needs to adjust to smaller, though more frequent meals. It’s as important to ensure you are getting the right level of protein and fluid after your surgery, which is why post sleeve gastrectomy nutrition plays such a crucial role in long-term success. At Advance Surgical we will always focus on that long-term success, planning your surgery and making sure that you receive personalised dietary recommendations for after your surgery.

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nutrition after sleeve gastrectomy
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nutrition after sleeve gastrectomy

Nutrition-related risks after sleeve gastrectomy

It should be understood that gastric sleeve surgery is irreversible and you must adhere to a healthy diet and exercise routine to prevent weight gain. Patients can be at risk of nutrient deficiencies so an integral part of nutrition after a sleeve gastrectomy is to ensure you take the necessary supplements, such as vitamin B-12, calcium and possibly iron supplements to counter these deficiencies*.

Another key aspect to your nutrition after a sleeve gastrectomy is to limit snacking . While occasionally stretching your stomach – for example after a special meal out – isn’t a problem in itself, regularly stretching your stomach will mean the triggers that tell your brain that you’ve eaten enough will become distorted, leading to you again gaining weight.

*Nutrition Care for Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy for Weight Loss, Snyder-Marlow G et al, Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 2010

nutrition after sleeve gastrectomy

Your post sleeve gastrectomy nutrition plan

One of the benefits of gastric sleeve surgery is it reduces your appetite, meaning you won’t crave such large portions. However, you have to maintain your new diet regimen. Our dietitians at Advance Surgical will guide you through the process and provide clear recommendations. These include eating regularly, with three small meals a day and three small, healthy snacks. Nutrition after your sleeve gastrectomy is as much about habit as it is about portion – eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly, stop eating when you start feeling full, and make sure the food you eat is nutritious.

nutrition after sleeve gastrectomy

A complete health approach to gastric sleeve surgery

Our team at Advanced Surgical Perth take a holistic approach to weight-loss surgery, which includes post-surgery diet. A typical nutrition plan after a sleeve gastrectomy includes 2 weeks of progressing from clear fluids, such as water and broth to high protein fluids found in shakes and soups. You’ll then move onto pureed foods and after about 6-8 weeks most patients have progressed to normal solid foods.

Advance Surgical in Perth

Our bariatric surgeons at Advance Surgical Perth, Dr Bill Gong, Dr Siva Sundararajan and Dr Jon Armstrong, work collaboratively with the Advance Surgical dietitians who will tailor meal plans to your individual needs after gastric sleeve surgery. If you have any questions about diet recommendations before or after obesity surgery, don’t hesitate to contact the clinic.

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