weight loss surgery journey

Your Weight Loss Surgery Journey

Check if you are a candidate for bariatric surgery. Queries will be answered by Dr Jon Armstrong.
Preparing for Bariatric Surgery in Perth.

weight loss surgery journey

About the Weight Loss Surgery Journey

At Advance Surgical Perth we call it a journey because of the joint effort and process, and because of the long-term commitment our patients make, to losing excessive weight.

Beyond the actual surgery, there are lifestyle habits to inspect and maintain, and the success of your bariatric surgery will also depend on how committed you are as a patient.

A typical weight loss surgery journey consists of:

  • Obtaining all the right information from our team of Perth surgeons
  • Confirming if you are a candidate for bariatric surgery
  • Determining whether you will have a sleeve gastrectomy or a gastric bypass
  • Verifying your health insurance cover and specific conditions that may apply for your policy
  • Discussing your emotional state in regards to the surgical procedure
  • Planning your sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass diet
  • The actual surgery and approximately 3 nights in a Perth hospital
  • The postoperative diet with a staged approach (liquids, then pureed foods, then solids)
Combined Shape
weight loss surgery journey
Combined Shape

weight loss surgery journey

Weight Loss Surgery Journey FAQs

At Advance Surgical Perth we are available to answer FAQs in regards to bariatric surgery such as: What is the first step to prepare for weight loss surgery?

It starts with a referral from your GP or from another specialist such as a cardiologist, a hepatologist or a gynaecologist). Another FAQ we often get: What am I to expect at my initial consultation for bariatric surgery?

This is when your bariatric surgeon will discuss your medical history, the causes of the obesity you experience, your current eating habits, and your most suitable weight loss surgery options.

In an initial consultation your surgeon will also explain the pros and cons of procedures such as sleeve gastrectomy surgery or gastric bypass surgery. As a team, our surgeons and dietitians inform you about diet recommendations and restrictions after your operation, and help you understand how bariatric surgery works. This supports you, as a patient, to make the best and most informed decisions.

weight loss surgery journey

How will I feel after Weight Loss Surgery?

Every patient experiences a different weight loss surgery journey, but our Perth patients all go through a similar process, after they have had the surgery. It’s common to spend one or two days at the hospital, and to start on a diet that consists of liquids only in the first stage. Once your body starts healing, pureed and mashed foods are added to your post surgery diet. After 3 months, weight loss surgery patients mostly return to a normal diet (including solid foods). It is recommended though that you keep following the recommendations of our dietitian to keep off the extra weight after your gastric sleeve or gastric bypass procedure.

weight loss surgery journey

Books to read on your Weight Loss Surgery Journey

We often hear that having the right information, and getting some second opinions about this type of life-changing surgery, helps our patients to feel more confident when making a decision. These links allow you to check out some of the books that have been published on the topic of a typical weight loss surgery journey and experience:

If you feel that some of your questions still need further clarification, please get in touch with Advance Surgical Perth. Our reception team, our surgeons and our dietitians will be happy to help you gain an even fuller understanding of the procedures.

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