Gastric Sleeve Cost
We understand the cost of bariatric surgery may be an issue.

If you have questions about the price of a gastric sleeve surgery, Mr Jon Armstrong and the team at Advance Surgical in Perth can help you with transparent information.

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Sleeve Gastrectomy Perth

Gastric sleeve surgeon Perth - Mr Jon Armstrong

About the Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

When you are looking into the cost of a sleeve gastrectomy surgery, there are a couple of important aspects to consider.  All patients for weight loss surgery (or bariatric surgery) should consider being in a private health fund in order to access the services at less expense.  If you have a current GP referral and have been identified as a gastric sleeve surgery candidate, we strongly advise you call your Private Health Insurance provider, to discuss any rebates for Bariatric Surgery, to which you may be entitled.

Bariatric surgery services are offered to patients between the age of 18 up, and the surgeon does not participate in any private health insurer’s “gap scheme”.

We aim to make the procedure affordable, with a revision of our fees. For the total out of pocket costs, please call us on 9386 2634.

gastric sleeve cost

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gastric sleeve cost

What Defines the Price of a Gastric Sleeve Operation?

The pricing and fee policies for bariatric surgery are explained on our Pricing page. You will need  Private Health Insurance . There are out of pocket expenses as explained.

This allows us to provide you with a great team of doctors, dietitians and a clinical psychologist to provide a support structure for your weight loss journey.

Before a Gastric Sleeve Procedure

Speak to your GP about your personal situation, to get a clear view on your weight loss options. Your GP will help you determine if you are a candidate for  laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery. A sleeve gastrectomy is irreversible and it is important to be well informed before you make a decision. It will require a commitment to a healthy diet after your operation, and to an exercise regimen to maintain your weight loss. The surgery involves a 1-2% risk of either a leak or a bleed from the staple line.  This complication requires surgery to treat.

Gastric Sleeve Cost and What to Expect

Weight loss surgery means a financial commitment. It also requires a commitment to a healthy diet and exercise regime after the surgery so you can maintain your weight loss. Your GP can help you determine if you are a suitable candidate for a laparoscopic gastric sleeve operation. If there are any complications after your initial surgery our surgical doctors will try to limit any future costs for your ongoing treatments. We understand that

Gastric Sleeve cost

Cost of Bariatric Surgery Consultations

Our Fees and Costs overview also lists the fees for consultations (initial or follow-up).  These consultations are important to discuss your procedure, and to make sure you are well informed and well prepared. Mr Jon Armstrong at Advance Surgical Perth aims to provide a convenient service by offering patients Skype or Telehealth options for their initial bariatric surgery consultation.

If you live or work in regional areas, and are looking to discuss the suitability of gastric sleeve surgery and the cost, these solutions are available so you don’t have to fly into Perth.  Depending on your personal circumstances, a Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS) may be applicable.

To prepare for the total cost of your weight loss surgery, it is recommended to discuss the amount of regular follow-ups. Follow-up consultations have proven to increase the success of gastric sleeve surgery. Having access to in-clinic or Skype appointments will help you in achieving and maintaining your weight loss after the sleeve gastrectomy.  

For more information on gastric sleeve surgery, enquire or make an appointment at Advance Surgical Perth: (08) 9386 2634.

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